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HONG KONG, CHINA -Media OutReach- August 16, 2017 - Returning this fall with its 11thedition, the Asia Contemporary Art Show at the Conrad Hong Kong opens on September 21stand continues until the 24th. Recognized as the longest-running and most successful hotel art fair in Asia, the Show will welcome over 80 galleries from across Asia and the world, and will include artwork from an array of countries such as Myanmar, Peru, Lebanon, Japan, Vietnam and many others.


"Dream Garden No.18" by Shi Lifeng, Soemo Fine Arts, China, Room 4208

Beginning on Thursday, September 21st, a rts patrons and select guests will be welcomed at the exclusive UnionPay Private View, and this will be followed by an invitation-only UnionPay VIP Collectors Preview. General admission opens on Friday, September 22ndwith a fun HK Liquor Store Art Night, and continues over the weekend.

As the only contemporary art fair in the fall, the Asia Contemporary Art Show offers guests an exceptional art viewing experience that includes a spotlight on contemporary Japanese art, withIntersections: Japan; and the unique opportunity to meet and engage with artists directly inArtist Dialogues. Along with the over 2,500 works that will be on show, including many artists and exhibiting galleries new to the Hong Kong market, visitors can view and buy from a wide range of artworks that will fit into any new or established collection.

"The fall is a great time for arts and culture in Hong Kong!" remarked Show Director Mark Saunderson. "For this autumn edition, we are excited to introduce a new sector series, entitledIntersections, with Japan the first country to be spotlighted. Viewers will see works by artists from across Japan, including sculpture, woven bamboo works and an array of fascinating contemporary paintings in a variety of mediums.

"We are also excited to be part of the 'Japan Autumn Festival in Hong Kong -- Rediscovering Nippon 2017', organised by the Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong together with supporting organisations. This celebration of Japanese arts, culture and products will run from early fall to the end of November, and will include a range of exciting events in the fields of Film, Arts, Performance, Sports, Education and Food and Beverage, with events taking place across Hong Kong."

Saunderson continues, "We are also excited to welcome our new Lead Partner UnionPay International (UPI). They will be launching the very exclusive Diamond Prestige Card this fall, as well as hosting both the exclusive champagne UnionPay Private View and the UnionPay VIP Collectors Preview, providing select guests -- including many of its most privileged clients -- exclusive access to the Show. With so much great art to browse and buy at the Asia Contemporary Art Show, we encourage all UnionPay credit card holders to stop by and add a great piece of art to their collections!"

A World of Art at the Asia Contemporary Art Show


Na-Loretta Law, China & UK

Artist Dialogues -- Room 4122

Architect and photographer Na-Loretta Law's (b. 1973, Zhanjiang) work is a manifestation of emotion, an embodiment of her state of being. In capturing her photographic images, the artist embarks on a journey of emotional exploration with fragments of her life being captured along the way. Law works mostly with analogue photography, using medium format cameras and traditional printing processes.

"Ice" by Na-Loretta Law, Chromogenic Print on Archival Paper, China & UK, Room 4122


Gianfranco Meggiato, Italy

BOCCARA ART-- Room 4004

Born in a city where sky and sea melt together, Gianfranco Meggiato's (b. 1963, Venice) bronze sculptures embody a lightness that is obtained through a masterful understanding of space. There is a seamless balance between energy and space in Meggiato's rotating works; an organic, almost cellular quality that envisions inanimate objects that breathe and pulsate with their own souls.

"Sfera Sole" by Gianfranco Meggiato, Bronze, BOCCARA ART, U.S.A., Room 4004


Nguyen Duc Huy, Vietnam

ASIANA Fine Asian Art -- Room 4010

In the world of "perfect body" images and the excessive use of Photoshop, Nguyen Duc Huy's (b. 1976, Quang Binh) graphical paintings celebrate the full-bodied woman, offering a refreshing perspective on real life and challenging common beliefs about beauty. Using circles, triangles and chequered patterns, the artist depicts the everyday lives of women, capturing the singular essence of each face and dress among quotidian scenes.

"Rising Above" by Nguyen Duc Huy, Acrylic on Canvas, ASIANA Fine Asian Art, Hong Kong, Room 4010


Pu Ru, China

Macey & Sons Auctioneers and Valuers Limited -- Room 4226

Pu Ru (1896 -- 1963) was a traditional Chinese painter and calligrapher and a member of the ruling house of the Qing dynasty. He was a cousin to Pu Yi, the last Emperor of China. Trained in the "literati" style of painting and calligraphy, Ru's repertoire consists of classical themes representing contemplative moments amongst nature often accompanied with poems composed by the artist himself.

"Blue and Green Landscape with Scholar" by Pu Ru, Ink and Colour on Paper, Macey & Sons Auctioneers and Valuers Limited, Ink on Paper, Hong Kong, Room 4226


Jeff Murray, United Kingdom

Artist Dialogues --- Room 4115

Jeff Murray's (b. 1986, London) pen and ink works compel the viewer to get lost within their detailed world. Drawing influence from surrealist masters like H.R. Giger and M.C. Escher, the artist meticulously creates visual worlds inspired by his many travels across continents. His work captures the openness with which he embraces other cultures and their artistic heritage.

"Saint Basil" by Jeff Murray, Pen and Ink on Canvas, United Kingdom, Room 4115


Soe Soe, Myanmar

V'Art Space -- Room 4005

One of the most recognised artists from Myanmar, Soe Soe (b. 1967, Laputta) captures the essence of his country with creative energy and detail, galvanising basic elements of colour and design, and transforming them into brilliant visual effects. As if peering through a car window during a monsoon-lashed afternoon, Soe's paintings are an acute observation of the subtleties of daily life in Yangon.

"Bustling Street V" by Soe Soe, Acrylic on Canvas, V'Art Space, Malaysia, Room 4005


Tian Xutong, China

Artists in Taiwan -- Room 4312

Tian Xutong (b.1962, Beijing) takes great inspiration from the paintings of the Song Dynasty where painters retreated into nature to find the moral equilibrium that was lacking in the human world. Adapting the most simplified of symbols, the artist seeks to represent the stillness, perfection, and co-existence of everything as expounded by Zen philosophy.

"Blooming" by Tian Xutong, Ink on Rice Paper, Artists in Taiwan, Ink on Rice Paper, Taiwan, Room 4312

In order to enhance the visitor art viewing experience at the Asia Contemporary Art Show, all exhibiting artists and galleries will be featured onAsia Contemporary Art Buyer.With over 14,000 artworks by more than 2,000 artists, visitors to the show will be able to browse and buy works before, during and after the Show, a convenient 24/7 art engagement opportunity for both experienced and younger collectors worldwide.


The Founders and Directors of the Asia Contemporary Art Show are three art enthusiasts with more than 25 years' experience in the region, Mark Saunderson, Douwe Cramer and Sarah Benecke. Viewed as pioneers in the art space, they consider the interest of artists, galleries and buyers are best served by providing vibrant fairs and online content which stimulate discovery, exploration, and conversations about art. The Asia Contemporary Art Show is Hong Kong's only art fair that takes place twice a year??